XTALTQ:The Secondary High Frequency and Low Phase Noise TCXO

The high frequency & low phase noise temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), developed by Xtaltq Technologies, phase noise of frequency 100MHz can reach -142dBc @ 1KHz and -85dBc @ 10Hz. Ultra low phase noise ensures more high quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) rate. Meanwhile, the second generation TCXO product adopts the self-developed MCU to achieve more accurate and stable frequency control. Its temperature stability over -40~+85C is available from ± 0.05ppm ~ ± 1ppm, in package 14 * 9mm(BT0914A) and 20*12mm(BT1220H), are widely used in receivers, high-accuracy test equipment etc. The company is about to launch the third-generation TCXO, whose dimension is reduced to 7.0 * 5.0mm. Mass production is achieved at the end of 2020. Don’t hesitate to contact us: