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5.0X3.2mm, Analog Circuit, High Stable, Low Phase Noise TCXO

5.0X3.2mm, Analog Circuit, High Stable, Low Phase Noise TCXO

  • 20 mhz tcxo

The BT0503A crystal oscillator stands out due to its impressive array of features. It offers exceptional temperature stability and minimal phase noise. Additionally, it comes in a compact package and includes analog compensation. These attributes make the BT0503A a highly reliable and efficient choice for various applications.

Specifications of 5.0X3.2mm, Analog Circuit, High Stable, Low Phase Noise TCXO

Features:High Temperature Stability, Low Phase Noise, Analog Circuit
Freq. Range:10~52MHz
Freq. Stability Range:±0.05~±0.5ppm
Operating Temperature:-40~85℃
Phase Noise:-150dbc@1KHz

Unveiling the BT0503A: Exceptional Features and Versatile Applications

The BT0503A crystal oscillator is a remarkable product with several key features. It boasts high temperature stability, low phase noise, a small package, and analog compensation.

The BT0503A offers superior performance in various environments. Its frequency-temperature stability from ±0.05ppm to ±0.5ppm across temperatures range from -40℃ to 85℃, enabling it to operate in a wide temperature spectrum.With a phase noise of -150dBc at 1KHz, the BT0503A supports a frequency range of 10 to 52MHz, meeting the demands of diverse applications. Its ultra-small packaging further adds to its appeal, making it a perfect fit for space-constrained designs.

Applications for the BT0503A are vast, spanning navigation and positioning systems, communications equipment, instrumentation, radar systems, industrial automation control, and smart manufacturing. Its reliability and precision ensure accurate and dependable operation in these critical fields.

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